ODLINE, with the expertise in development of IT applications, mainly in web database driven solutions, has created a package (JavaFlux), to develop, in the easiest, fastest and cheapest way, a web application for your company including its website whose contents can be hosted on ODLINE servers and databases. Meanwhile, its contents can be easily managed through the backoffice from where ever you may be.
A ODLINE, tendo uma vasta experiência no desenvolvimento de aplicações informáticas, com maior incidência para a vertente Web, tem vindo a apostar em fornecer soluções que acompanhem as necessidades do mercado utilizando sempre as últimas tecnologias.

ODLINE, teniendo una vasta experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones informáticas, con mayor incidencia para la vertiente Web, viene apostando en ofrecer a sus clientes soluciones que acompañen a las necesidades del mercado utilizando siempre las últimas tecnologías.
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ODLINE is a specialist in developing customised web applications that assist in reducing costs and accelerate service delivery, but most importantly, fully tailored to suit your needs.

Our database-driven services range from simple web site Content Management Systems (CMS) to fully fledged web applications that assist in the management of your business that include Management Information Systems (MIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Intranets, and Extranets.

Our servers are located in our secure UK data center. The data center includes 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance, blast-proof windows, fire detection and suppression systems, auxiliary diesel generators.
Please visit our standard web invoicing package at www.webinven.odline.com/bo.jsp
The beauty of it all is that you can manage your business from anywhere in the world ...

Although the applications featured below are ready to use, they can be further tailored to your requirements...
  JavaFlux - Estate Agents
A complete web-based management tool ideal for estate agents.
  JavaFlux - Models
A complete web-based management tool ideal for the modelling industry.
  JavaFlux - Recruitment
A complete web-based management tool ideal for the recruitment industry.
JavaFlux - Hotels
A complete web-based management tool ideal for the hotel industry.
Additional packages ...
JavaFlux - E-commerce
As access to the Internet is becoming a must have for many people, shopping from the comfort of your home is becoming increasingly common. With JavaFlux E-commerce we can help you create your on-line store.
JavaFlux - Accounting
Do you find it annyoing to switch to another application when you need to create an invoice, or another accounting function? JavaFlux - Accounting, which is available as an add-on to existing JavaFlux packages, can help eliminate these extra unecessary steps.
Development of Tailored Web Applications